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It’s not just a sticker. It’s a movement happening in bakeries big and small.




Humble was born out of a love for baking bread and even bigger love for the Martinez community. Every loaf is baked in our home, using a two-year-old wild yeast starter culture, flour, water and salt! With these simple ingredients, we are reviving centuries old baking techniques for rustic, hearty and hopefully, delicious bread! 

We think that for how prevalent this glutenous delight is in our lives, we should eat the best bread possible! Our slow fermentation baking process gives us a naturally leavened loaf that you won't feel terrible after eating - unlike highly processed store bought breads.

We are a humble operation, baking loaves when we can and sharing them with friends. As more of a side-hustle than a serious business, you'll find our bread at pop-ups downtown or you may be able to flag down the Bread Bike when we are out cruising the streets!

Hopefully, we can connect and we get to share a loaf with you soon! 

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