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Our bread is throwback to the old world styles of baking. Naturally leavened, rustic and hearty with simple ingredients and quality flours. What does naturally leavened mean? It means we use a cultivated wild yeast, also called starter, to make all of our breads rise. Our starter's name is Steve and he's over two years old! Close to 24 hours goes into baking each and every loaf - sometimes even more. Our parents taught us patience is a virtue and thats never been more true than with bread! We'd like to think our bread is well worth the wait once it comes out of the oven.

Our offerings are simple, nothing too fancy or complicated. We try our best to source local, organic flours when we can, utilizing grains grown and milled here on the West Coast. Flour is a crazy thing and up until we started baking bread, we basically thought there was one kind and that was that. The reality is flour, and the grains that make it is an incredibly wide and expansive world filled with different varieties, milling processes and terroir in some cases! The choices are limitless when it comes to flour and we do our best to pick ones that are pleasing to our palate, while also incorporating varieties you may not normally consume.

We exist to Break Better Bread and we hope that you find our breads to be a whole new experience to what you may be used to from the grocery store!

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